On Daemons we shall not dwell here, for the existence of such fell beings is a terrible secret and must be hidden from the minds of those who would fall prey to them.

A Daemon is a warp entity, a terrible creature of thought and energy brought forth into existence by the twisted needs of sentient beings, or at least so the high masters of the Ordo Malleus say. To even think of them is to invite their attention and only the steeliest mind, the most powerful faith, is enough to overcome their utter, monstrous evil.

Inconceivable as it may seem, there are those who would consort with the Daemon, for they whisper dark things in the night to those who would listen and make many promises of temporal or eternal power. They can be brought forth willingly, by the witch or by certain arcane sorceries, or they may try to force a way through into the world through the unsuspecting portal of an untrained psyker’s mind.

However they become incarnate, if they achieve their goal, just one Daemon can bring ruination to all it encounters. One need not talk of the Night of Silence in Airaxian III’s capital, nor of the lost world of Abandoned Hope, which to this day is warded by the Inquisition, knowledge of its existence forbidden to all.

Make no mistake, to face a Daemon is to face damnation, to court a Daemon is to embrace it.


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