Acolytes of the Inquisition work for a secretive and wide-ranging organization, which is charged with a vital task. The Inquisition guards the soul of mankind, fending off Daemonic corruption, witchery and mutation lest humanity succumb to their blandishments and fall into darkness. The Inquisition is by necessity a clandestine and complicated organization. Mystery and fear are essential tools in its mission and Acolytes soon learn to use them to their advantage. The common man fears the agents of the Inquisition as harbingers of woe who steal away loved ones or uncover horrific cults. Even planetary governors, Imperial nobles, and military leaders blanch at the mention of an Inquisitor’s presence, as well they might, for all hide some guilty secret.

The Inquisition is one of the many reasons for the persistence of man in a hostile universe. Known as the “left hand of the Emperor”, the Inquisition operates across the Imperium and beyond to suppress and eliminate those forces that would destroy the holy dominion of mankind over the stars.


Though far fewer in number than Acolytes or unwitting minions, Inquisitors very firmly form the heart and soul of the Inquisition. These independent and wildly varying individuals drive the organization forward, seeking out all manner of foulness and ensuring its destruction. There are countless types of Inquisitor, with endless levels of power. Each controls an intricate and subtle web of agents, Acolytes, resources, influences, and contacts. Functioning very much as a microcosm of the Inquisition itself, each of these networks is capable of operating independently if need be—though what manner of necessity would require such isolation is a troubling thought indeed.

Inquisitors are empowered to go anywhere and do anything—whatever they must to ensure the survival of the Imperium. Their Inquisitorial Seal opens all doors bar none, and even the vaunted planetary governors must acquiesce to their demands without complaint or delay, lest they be themselves regarded as suspect. They will commit acts, no matter how vile to maintain the unchanging integrity of the Imperium, and they will put whole planets to death in order to see that this is so.

The Ordos of the Inquisition

The great ordos are the principal means by which the Inquisition organizes itself, and most Inquisitors belong to one of them. The ordos are groups given over to rooting out a particular threat against mankind. With millennia of specialization, each has become a sharply honed weapon with which to excise those that would seek to move against mankind.

- Ordo Hereticus

- Ordo Malleus

- Ordo Xenos


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