Participants will play as Acolytes of an Imperial Inquisitor. They are exceptional individuals from other paths, whose unique personal attributes have brought them to the attention of a member of the Inquisition. The Acolytes have been recruited to serve their Inquisitor to the best of their ability. Inquisitors are few and scattered, for the Imperium of Man is vast and its enemies are legion. The powerful Inquisitors have neither the time nor the resources to personally follow up every accusation of heresy that may come to their attention. This is where the players will come in.

Players are operatives of the Inquisition, empowered to investigate allegations of heresy and other charges of deviant behaviour on behalf of their Inquisitor. While the power of the Acolytes is definitely limited compared to that of a full Bearer of the Seal, when the time comes for them to brandish their Inquisitorial Rosettes, few will take them lightly. Most of the time though, Acolytes work in disguise or from the shadows, as word of their presence or actual identities could alert their enemies, especially if the local authorities are the ones they’ve been sent to investigate.

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Dark Heresy